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100 11th Ave. New York Polyurethan Coating


Polyurethane (PU) Coating is a high quality two-component polyurethane coating specially designed for industrial and heavy duty environments where protection and decoration are of prime importance. PU coatings can carry super high gloss characteristics and excellent colour and gloss retention. It provides outstanding resistance to yellowing, impact, abrasion and scratching. It is excellent in weathering, resistance to acid, alkalis, solvents, water and chemicals. PU coating is available in a wide range of colours. One advantage of PU coating is that it can be air cured or cured at low temperatures, which allows us to coat large shapes without the use of an oven.

Kam Pin is a leader in Polyurethan coating application. We are a certified applicator for coating brands such as Rust-Oleum and A&I coatings, providing providing high quality post coating application on aluminium panels. We pride ourselves in high quality coating application by providing precise colour matching and even coating thickness. Our coating process is done after the panels fabrication process, which allows us to weld and grind our panels wherever it's necessary to produce a higher quality panel. We are a highly experienced job coater that provides quality and reliability to our clients. 

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