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Natural Pattern PVDF Coating System

Terrium PVDF coating is a high end coating system that can replicate real terracotta 90% in likeness. Terrium PVDF coating is much more durable than real terracotta, which can be brittle and encounter size limitations. Our Terrium patterned coatings use 100% PVDF paint to achieve the appearance of terracotta, providing a longer lasting appearance with no colour fading and durability. Our coating can replicate rough textures, glazed and many more terracotta textures. This coating system carries a 20 year warranty and complies with AAMA 2605 standards. 

Terrium PVDF Coating System is a multi-layered coating. This coating uses a Duranar XL 3 Coat System; comprising of a primer coat, top coat and clear coat, as it's core system. Pattern Coating layers are applied one by one in a specific color order to achieve a desired aesthetic result, replicating a targeted terracotta finish.

The Pattern Layers can range from 1-10 layers of patterned coating, depending on the complexity of the targeted material. The more patterned layers are incorporated, the more detailed the finish becomes. 

Terrium Pattern PVDF Coatings

Multi-Layer PVDF Coating System

Terracotta PVDF Coating System

- Clear Coat

- Pattern Coat

- Pattern Coat

- Top Coat

- Primer Coat

Natural Pattern PVDF is a custom made coating system that replicates stone patterns. The replication process starts by choosing a targeted material for a building’s facade or decorative cladding. Our pattern engineers dissect and gather all the information from the targeted material; such as the patterns (mottling), colours and textures. Once this information is acquired, our engineers can completely customise the finished coating to your desired effects.




Sand Textured





Customizing Terrium PVDF Coatings

The patterns can be customized by adding patterns, subtracting patterns, or altering the mottling size. The colors of the coating can match the target material or can be changed to achieve an entirely different visual effect. Even the texture of the finish can also be customized to achieve a sand textured finish or a glossy finish.

Clear coating texture options

Glazed Terracotta PVDF Coating

- Glossy Clear Coat

- Pattern Coat

- Pattern Coat

- Top Coat

- Primer Coat

Sand Textured Terracotta PVDF Coating

- Sand Clear Coat

- Pattern Coat

- Pattern Coat

- Top Coat

- Primer Coat

Terracotta PVDF Coating Aluminum Extrusions

The coating application process is half automated and half manual to achieve a non-repetitive pattern from panel to panel. Like a piece of art, each panel is coated to have it’s own unique pattern to achieve a natural appearance and contrast, but panels can also be designated with a specific coating pattern to achieve a required aesthetic.

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