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Powder Coating Line



Aluminum panels are used in exterior and interior architectural applications for its ease of installation, light weight and ability to be formed into unique designs. However, an aluminum panel cannot be used in it's raw form. When exposed to the natural elements, aluminum will oxidize and be vulnerable. Powder coating protects aluminum products from oxidation and provides an aesthetic element. Powder coating is a recommended coating for interior applications due to its impact resistant properties.


Powder Coating is an Epoxy, Polyester or Polyurethane resin based dry powder that is applied onto metal surfaces through an electrostatic spraying system. Powder Coatings can provide high chemical and solvent resistance plus high corrosion and detergent resistance with high flow-out and glossy finishes. Powder coating offers a wide range of solid and metallic colors for architectural components, and also features pearl, metallic, textured, matt and high gloss finishes. This coating system was specifically developed for aluminum architectural components that are used in exterior and interior applications.

Powder coating is an environmentally friendly architectural coating. When applied, the powder is recycled through a ventilation system that collects the powder that does not stick to the substrate and is 99% recyclable. The coating process does not have any volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Powder coatings are a one coat system and has a customizable dry film thickness, reaching up to 150 microns with one coat. This coating thickness give powder coating a competitive advantage to impact resistance.


One of the most important features of Powder Coating is its resistance to mechanical impact. Therefore, it is not only ideal for finishing at adverse conditions, it can also be used in areas where mechanical impact is expected, such as reinforcement bars, iron beams, window frames, doors, signages, shop fronts and cladding.



Standard durable

Powder coating

Matt, Satin & Gloss

15 Years Film Integrity

10 Years Warranty (Color Retention)

AAMA 2603




Powder coating

Flat Matt, Matt, Satin & Sable

25 Years Film Integrity

15 Years Warranty (Color Retention)

AAMA 2604

Powder coating

Matt Finish Only

30 Years Film Integrity

20 Years Warranty (Color Retention)

AAMA 2605

Kam Pin is a leader in Powder coating application. We are a certified applicator for coating brands such as PPG, Akzo Nobel, DGL, and Tiger, providing providing high quality post coating application on aluminum panels. We pride ourselves in high quality coating application by providing precise color matching, coating thickness and meeting AAMA 2605 standards. Our coating process is done after the panels fabrication process, which allows us to weld and grind our panels wherever it's necessary to produce a higher quality panel. We are a highly experienced job coater that provides quality and reliability to our clients. 

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